What is Pixieset?

We're a small team of people with a passion for photography and building things for the web. Founded in 2013, Pixieset is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We started off as a simple online gallery to help photographers display their photos. Today, we're very excited to be serving more than 70,000 professional photographers as the go-to platform for proofing, selling and delivering photos.

What is work like at Pixieset?

The Pixieset team is a very tight-knit group. No matter if you are a developer, designer, or customer support, we all work together for the greater good of Pixieset and our customers. We all share the same passion for creating beautiful and simple-to-use products. Every team member plays a key role in shaping Pixieset.

Besides working on Pixieset, many of us enjoy the art of coffee, craft beer, beach volleyball, hiking, shooting weddings and more. We encourage everyone to maintain a healthy work life balance and to "work hard, play hard".

Ready to join the Pixieset journey?

We are looking for help in the following areas: