Here's our ever growing list of features to help you share, deliver and sell.



Unlimited Galleries

Create as many galleries as you want, as long as you are within your storage limit.

Never Expires

Your collections will stay online as long as you have an active subscription, or until you delete it yourself. They do not expire.

Unlimited Traffic

There's no restriction on how many people view your galleries. The more the better!

Fully Hosted

All your original files are stored on the most reliable cloud infrastructure. There is no need to worry about downtime, and your files are always secure.

Dedicated Client Gallery

Send your client a dedicated photo gallery with customized cover looks.

Cover Photo Template

Choose from many cover template designs crafted by our design team. All templates are created with desktop as well as mobile devices in mind.

Your Brand Everywhere

On every Pixieset gallery, your client will be able to see your brand along with a link back to your website.

Custom Domain Mapping

You can map your domain transparently over ours, so that your client will only see your brand.

Organize by Categories

You can organize your gallery into separate categories. This makes it easy for your client to navigate through all the photos.

Mobile Ready

Every Pixieset gallery is designed to work on mobile, tablets and desktop devices.

Mobile Web App

You can add each gallery onto your home sceen as a personal mobile web app.

Password Protection

You can make your galleries private by setting up a password for each gallery.

Client Exclusive Access

Hide certain photo sets from public guests while giving your client full access. Optionally allow clients to mark selected photos private.

Mark Photos Private

Allow your clients to mark selected photos as private via Client Exclusive Access.

Email Registrations

Ask your visitors to register their email before viewing your gallery.

Lightroom Plugin / Publishing Service

Sync Collections and Sets structure, and upload photos directly from Lightroom to Pixieset.

Optional Auto Expiry

You can set up an optional auto expiry date. Your gallery will become inactive as soon as it expires.

Add Custom Logo

Add your own custom logo on the Homepage and gallery covers.

Multi-Language Display

Choose to display your galleries in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, or Swedish


Secure Digital Delivery

You can deliver photos to your client via the cloud. It's secure and it's fast. No need for DVDs or USBs.

Control File Sizes

You can choose the file size that your client is able to download. Allow your client to download web size, high resolution or original files.

Track Who and When

You can see all the download activity on each gallery. Check when and who downloaded your photos.

Password Protection

Every gallery download is protected by a 4-digit PIN. Your client will need to use this PIN to download.

Download All Photos

Your client can choose to download all the photos in the gallery at once. Or, they can choose to download individual categories within the gallery.

Individual Photo Download

You can allow your guests to download individual photos one at a time.

Full Access Control

You can control who can use the 4-digit download PIN by limiting PIN to selective emails.

Optional Download Limit

You can limit the number of times a PIN can be used to generate a download.


You can choose to turn off Download if you do not want anyone downloading the photos.


Track Client Favorites

You can see what your clients have selected as favorites for each gallery.

Download Favorites

Once your client has selected his/her favorites, you can download the favorite files or export as a Lightroom Copy List right from the dashboard.

Seamlessly Integrated

The Favorite system is seamlessly integrated into each gallery to make proofing fun and easy.

Share Favorites

Your client will be able to share their favorites with their friends and family.

Mobile Ready

Whether you are on mobile or desktop, you'll be able to select and view your favorites.


You can choose to turn off Proofing if you do not require a proofing system.

Multiple Favorite Lists

Have client create multiple Favorite lists under one email. Manage, share, and download selections easily.

Add Notes

Adding notes to favorited photos is a quick and easy way for your clients to communicate any photo requests.

Set Photo Limit

Designing an album for a client? You can easily set a limit on the number of photo selections allowed.



Enjoy 0% commission fee for all upgraded accounts. Free accounts will have a 15% commission fee.

Set Your Own Price / Products

It's your print store. You get to choose what to sell and how much to sell each product for.

Accept Payments Online / Offline

You can accept all major credit cards online through our integrated payment partners - Stripe, PayPal or arrange alternative payment methods with your client.

Lab Fulfillment

You can choose to fulfill your orders via our professional lab partners. Orders are automatically fulfilled and shipped.

Self Fulfillment

You can choose to fulfill orders yourself. You are not locked into any labs.

Export Image File Names

You can export the image file names for individual orders in a CSV file or as a Lightroom Copy List for further enhancements.

Sell Digital Downloads

You can sell digital downloads up to three sizes and have orders automatically fulfilled.

Sell Packages

You can sell a group of products for a single price. Packages can have both print and digital download products.

Order Delay

Delay your orders for review/approval before they are processed. You can edit, crop, or replace the photo for each order item during this time.

Email Notifications

You and your client will receive an email notification when you receive a new order. If you're using lab fulfillment, a shipping confirmation with tracking information will also be sent.


You can create coupons giving a percent or amount discount, free item giveaways, or free shipping.

Gift Cards

You can create gift cards with a set credit amount and unique code that can be redeemed multiple times.

Boutique Packaging

Where applicable, you can choose to upgrade the presentation of your prints upon delivery to your client.

Minimum Order Amount

You can set up a minimum order amount for each order.

No Minimum Payout Requirements

All proceeds from print sales are automatically deposited into your bank account. There are no minimum payout requirements.

Automatic Deposits

All proceeds from print sales are automatically deposited into your bank account. There is no need to request for cashout.

Custom Tax Rules

Set up custom tax rules for each country and state.

Mobile Ready

Your client will be able to buy photos from your gallery on mobile, tablets and desktops.


You can choose to turn off Selling if you do not want to sell.

Apple Pay

Seamless integration with Apple Pay allows your client to checkout with one-touch payment on Apple devices. Learn more


Gallery Sharing

Your clients love to share and we make it easy for them to share the whole gallery anywhere.

Individual Photo Sharing

Your clients can share individual photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

All Major Social Networks

Share the whole gallery or individual photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Your Brand Everywhere

Your business name is populated into the description of every share. This brings your brand everywhere.

Facebook LIKE

The 'Like' button is the most popular sharing method. Your clients will be able to 'Like' all your galleries.

Mobile Ready

Sharing is optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

Personalized Email Invite

You can share every gallery via a custom and beautifully designed Email Invite.


You can choose to turn this off if you do not want your client to share your photos from the gallery.


Secure Storage

All your original files uploaded are backed up with Amazon Web Services.

Password Protection

You can password protect every gallery and restrict the ability to download.

Copyright Retained

All the copyright metadata on each image is retained.

Download Access Control

You can control who can use your PIN to download photos by limiting PIN to selective emails.

Right Click Protection

Right click protection is enabled by default on every gallery to prevent users from saving your images.

Custom Watermark

Add custom watermarks to protect all your images.


Client Access Area

Every Pixieset user will have their own space where all their galleries are shown. You can choose to password protect this page or hide individual galleries if you wish.

Google Analytics Integration

You can add your own Google Analytics tracking code to track visitors to your Pixieset galleries.

Knowledge Base

Our extensive knowledge base will help you find answers to many common issues instantly.

Fast Friendly Support

We are always here to help. Send us an email and our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Flexible Subscription

You can choose to update or cancel your subscription at anytime. No questions asked.


There are no advertisements on your galleries whether you are on the Free plan or our upgraded plans.